Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Turkey Day!!

This Thanksgiving, we're going to my aunt, Miranda's house. My grandmother, Hazel is going to my great grandfather, Gran's house in Jeruselam, Isreal. Everytime someone in our family goes to visit him we give that person all kinds of different presents and candies, so that when they go there they can give him all the presents. The reason that he gets them is because since he lives so far away and since he gets lonely often, we get him stuff so he's even happier when we come. We usually make him notes to go along with the stuff. This time I decided to make him a drawing, because he doesn't really know how much I like to draw. I haven't sent it to him yet because we haven't got to the house yet but when he sees it I'm sure he'll like it. Above is the drawing.

Monday, November 21, 2005

More To Come

If you liked the first movie of the li'l dachsund, well, there's more to come so keep on coming and the sequel will soon appear. We haven't decided what to call this one yet. But I was just at my friend, Cole's house and we decided to stay up again, because HIS dad said that now we had to go to bed at 10:30!! So we stayed awake for about 2 hours searching random kids in our class. Then after a while we got to me. Then as we scrolled down we found that someone having to do with boinx istopmotion movies, wrote something about me!!! You can go to google and then go down on the page a little and you'll find a headlne that says, " Boinx software weblog" and then it has a paragraph about me!!!!! Above is the star the movie is based on, Joe da Dach Sund!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

24 hours

This week I slept over at my friend Eli's house, along with my friend Rolando. I had to go to school the next morning because I go to a private school, and they go to public schools so, we have holidays on differents days. So the plan was that my mom would come at about 7:45 and she would pick me up and take me to school. We all decided that at 11:30, would we would go to sleep-well, we didn't really, Julie (Eli's mom) did. We started to watch the movie Napoleon Dynamite, which is probably one of the single greatest comedies on the planet, when Bill (Eli's dad) said we had to go to sleep. We looked at the clocks and saw it was only 10;30!!!! We got really mad and decided to seek revenge. We got up after they said good night and they had tucked us all in and we started to play "Call Of Duty", one of Eli's video games in which you can either be a Russian, British, or American veteran in the middle of the second World War. We had planned to go to sleep at 12:00, a little later than when Bill and Julie had said, but not too much later. After about the 8th level we looked at the clock and saw that it wasn't 12:00 but it was 2:30!! We were really shocked, and got ready for bed... But, then we thought we were having so much fun that we would stay up. But then we looked at the clock again, in what seemed like minutes, and saw that it was now 7:00!!!!! We got up to see Bill and Julie preparing their famous, "Chocolate Pancakes", "Coffee Cake", and their famous "Blueberry Muffins". Bill asked if we got any sleep, but unfortunately we didn't know he was joking and said no, instantly setting off the alarm. Julie went ballistic with the "JACK!! You have school tomorrow!!"and " ROLANDO!! What is your mother going to say about this!!???" and finally "ELI!! How could you do this you knew Jack had school tomorrow!!". We all looked at each other and slowly exited the room, leaving Julie to scream at Bill. We ate our pancakes quickly and quietly, and we all went back into Eli's room. Finally the time came when I had to leave, and go to school. That was the first time I had ever stayed up for 24 hours.That was also the first time I was actually glad to leave my friend's house to go to school. The photo to the right is of me and
Rolando and the one to the left is of Eli.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Stop Motion Movies

Me and my dad have started to make istopmotion movies. In order to make one you first take a picture of something, then move that something, then take another picture and just keep on doing this until by the end it looks like that something is moving around. Well I would post it on the blog but it's too complicated, so here is the site that it's on: . So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the feature presentation; "Dog Tales"

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Vincent Drawing

This Friday I had a Parent-Teacher conference. A time where at the end of each school quarter we all go with our parents to the school and talk to the teachers about our grades and how we're doing with our work and participation in class. Well, we went to it and then we had lunch at "Johnny Rockets" on 8th street. But, then after all that happened my dad and I grabbed our drawing books and rushed off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to see for the first time Vincent Van Gogh's drawings shown to the public. We drew a couple things based on the people there looking at his work, and some drawings based on the paintings he made. I have a couple of drawings above (not very good but...) mainly based on the people there and the statues outside the exhibit. The interesting things about my drawings is that most of the ones that are actually good are done in pencil. I can never think of anything when I use pen. And then all of my other stuff looks like total crap because of how good they are compared to the other stuff. I hope you keep on coming just as much as you go to my dad's blog-Jack

Thursday, November 03, 2005


This post is abouit my pets and what rthey are what they do and who they are. First I'm going to talk about my pet turtle Muhammad. He lives in a tank all alone. At first i wanted to get him a salamander or a toad as a friend, but we figured muhammad would eat them both or at least he would get annoyed by them. He's always very depressed and sad. He mostly never eats and im surpised that he lives on because he hasn't eaten for a week and a half now and he just sits under a rock and sleeps all day. He sometimes jumps off the rock, diving into the surface of his cool water.

My other pet, Joe is a long haired dachsund and he's very cute. There is a photo to the left of this. We take him to the Washington square park dog run and he runs around humping other dogs and then playing tag with them afterwards. He loves to chew on his bed, eat rawhides, and he especiually likes snausages and pig ears. Thanks again for coming- Jack

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Halloween 2005

This Halloween may have been my very best one ever... Martha Stewart- in jail! I had the wig and the jail bird costume and even tattoos that she would have-such as "good thing" on my knuckles and a Heart with "Martha" instead of "mother".
The last couple of years were pretty good too, an executioner, Dr. Killjoy- the complete opposite of Dr. Killdare (a psychotic surgeon, complete with a deadly syringe and a fiendish chainsaw), the year before that I was king of the future- an awesome superhero/god with the ability to change things from the past affecting the future, then my one and only commercial costume- Buzz Lightyear- I got him when I was about 3 or 4, Then my last to revealed costume- Batboy at the age of 2, I had bat wings and I couldn't have been finished with out my Bat ears.This year was also my best year because i got 420 pieces of candy!! Tell more tomorrow-Jack